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The G.I. Ginger Betty Foundation!

What is the G.I. GB and how it started….

The G.I. Ginger Betty Foundation was started in 2007, when Beth Veneto (Owner of Ginger Betty’s Bakery) was sitting next to a soldier on a flight to Atlanta, GA. He was returning home from a year long deployment in Iraq. Beth and this soldier talked the whole flight about his time overseas, his fears, his hopes. He had a young daughter and was worried she may have forgotten who he was during his time away. Beth saw firsthand when they landed how much that little girl never forget about her daddy, she ran into his arms hugging him tight. The display of love and happiness this family finally had after reuniting brought Beth this overwhelming joy.


She knew she wanted to do something to thank our brave men and women overseas and back home in the states. She figured out the perfect way to do just that, by using her businesses sweet treats to spread ginger joy and smiles. She started the G.I. Ginger Betty Foundation, a non-profit that ships boxes of her beloved gingersnap cookies along with candy and Thank you letters. The Foundation has shipped hundreds of boxes since 2007. Boxes of the delicious Ginger Betty cookies have been shipped all over the world from military bases here in the U.S. to overseas in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, and even onto ships in the middle of the ocean. With your help- We hope to continue spreading ginger joy by shipping many more boxes to our military heroes!

What the boxes look like...

Each box contains 35- 2 packs of our soft and delicious gingersnap cookies, assorted candies, and Thank you letters from kids and adults.

GI GB boxes sent 02052022.jpg

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help our foundation continue its efforts!

  1. You can donate for our next ship out, any amount big or small helps (button above!)

  2.  You can send us the name and address of a soldier in your life who you think would love to receive a box! (Can be sent to us at

  3. Come to our shop and fill out a letter to be put in a box thanking a soldier!

When do we ship boxes out?

  We try to ship as many boxes as possible throughout the year! We send out some during each holiday for those who can’t be with their families. We also send out 5 boxes every 5th of the month.

Please help us continue supporting our military heroes!

Screenshot 2019-10-24 06.42.05.png

Store Hours

Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 8-6, & Sun 8-3.

Open Christmas Eve: 8AM - 3PM

 Closed Dec 25th until January 3rd.

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