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A true love affair…

Sugar and spice and everything nice! That’s what Beth “Ginger Betty” Veneto has been dreaming about since she was a little girl!  At the age of 10, under the watchful eye of her big sister and pastry chef extraordinaire Karen, Beth fell in love with gingerbread!  There was something so magical about it!


The love affair followed her to college. Trying to make a buck or two through her poor college days, Beth made gingerbread houses for friends, members of a local country club, even selling them at Mister Donut where she worked. “I think the guy felt bad for me,” she said. The houses were sometimes crooked and that’s where the magic of Christmas came in – people bought them anyway! Beth would bribe her dorm mates to help her assemble gingerbread houses with snacks and cold beverages, promising them they would feel the magic of Christmas!


Hungry to feed her entrepreneurial spirit and eager to sprinkle a little Ginger Joy to The World and The Magic of Christmas all year long, Beth’s dream became a delicious reality! Ginger Betty’s Bakery opened in 1995 on a side street in North Quincy, Massachusetts selling her favorite Christmas cookies. Word of mouth spread and the smell of Ginger Betty’s signature soft gingersnap cookies wafted out on to the sweet streets of Quincy and beyond. The bakery was busier every day. With Ginger Betty’s love of gingerbread and focus on being kind, her motto became “Sharing Cookies, Making Friends!” Ginger Betty’s soon became a household name!  With growing popularity and bursting at the seams, Ginger Betty’s moved to a larger facility at 215 Samoset Avenue in Quincy. With over 5000 sq. ft. Beth and her team we’re excited to share more cookies and make more friends.


Ginger Betty’s love of her country lead her to another dream - to help others and give back.  Ginger Betty and her team created “The G.I. Ginger Betty Foundation”. This unique Foundation ships cookies to America’s brave men and women in uniform as a “Sweet Salute” and “Heartfelt Thank You” for all their sweet service and sacrifices. Because of these amazing American heroes we are able to enjoy our many freedoms and the American dream!


Please come in and visit Team Ginger Betty and experience the magic of gingerbread, gumdrops and so much more. Tap into your inner child while you create new treasured moments while you stir up sweet memories of yesteryear!

Store Hours

Tues-Fri 10-6, Sat 8-6, & Sun 8-3.

Open Christmas Eve: 8AM - 3PM

 Closed Dec 25th until January 3rd.

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